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Night Road by Kristin Hannah

Night Road by Kristin Hannah
Published March 22, 2011

I have always been a fan of Kristin’s novels. After I read Firefly Lane a few years ago, I fell in love and would grab her books if I ever see one in front of me.  I am so glad to say that Night Road did not disappoint.  It was so emotional, so realistic, and so perfect that I even cried.  I’m pretty sure I was somewhat sobbing towards the end.  I typically do not cry or show emotions while reading a book unless it’s an annoyance emotion but this one, and all of her novels to be precise, have always struck a chord with me.  The characters called out to me, the plot was so beautifully woven and the writing style was balanced between all the sad and the funny scenes.  Honestly, she made the book come to life.  It’s not at all difficult to see these characters in real life and she has really captured the human emotions into words.

From reading the synopsis, I was thinking that Lexi was going to be a drug addict like her mother and how she would draw Jude’s children, Mia and Zach, away from what’s really important – their future – and would lead them down a road of despair.  However, from the moment Lexi was introduced, you’ll see that it was not the case at all.  She’s warm, friendly, a bit cautious, a bit cynical and jaded but you can see how much she craved love and I’m so glad that she found her aunt and the Farradays for the few years in high school.  She’s genuine, she doesn’t care about how others think and this is super obvious when her aunt gives her the ugliest pink sweater for her first day of school and instead of caring about what others thought, she loved the sweater, wore it to school and it was wonderful.  I honestly connected with her and her emotions spilled out of the book.

Mia and her twin, Zach, were also wonderfully written characters.  I loved Mia’s shyness in the beginning of the book and how she blossomed into a truly beautiful young woman.  Her personality was so lovely but at the same time, I can see her a bit spoiled at times.  She would often assume that Lexi would be fine without completely understanding that Lexi came from a different world and would expect certain things without realizing Lexi’s feelings.  To Lexi’s credit, she never let it really bother her but deep down, it was obvious that it did.  Zach was so distant to Lexi in the beginning but once it was obvious what his feelings to her was like, he changed and it was obvious how much he loved her.  I loved how close they were with each other and it was like three of them were going to be BFF/lovers forever.  It would’ve been the cutest thing ever.

Unfortunately that wasn’t the case since tragedy struck and their mother, Jude, went absolutely crazy.  I honestly had no respect for her.  Even before the tragedy, while she was the “perfect” mom, I felt that she was incredibly overprotective.  I think I would’ve suffocated under her love and rules and discipline.  I honestly do not know how Mia and Zach got through it but anyways, I guess they got used to it.  Personally, I just can’t.  Then when tragedy struck, she went from overbearing mother to someone who is simply vengeful.  She didn’t even realized that she, too, loved Lexi and then subjected her to 5 years of correctional facility.  Did she not realize how that can change someone’s future?  Yet she went on that warpath and there were no regrets until the very end. 

Miles and Aunt Eva were the two characters that seemed a bit more secondary in this book.  Miles seemed to play a larger role after the tragedy but before that, he was just simply there without playing any active role.  Aunt Eva, other than housing and loving Lexi, also did not do too much in terms of the meat of the plot but that’s okay. 

Overall, spectacular novel.  I highly, highly recommend it.  There are so many feelings to this novel.  Times when you’ll simply laugh out loud and times when you’ll simply sob.  




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