Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Bloodlines Series (#1-#2) by Lindsay Anne Kendal

Bloodlines Series by Lindsay Anne Kendal
Published between 2010-2011

So this is one of those books where I can’t fully decide if I like it or not.  I feel like the story itself was interesting with cool plots and decent characters but I feel like the execution of the books fell through.  The writing was done poorly, the narration was terrible and thoughts did not seem to be presented clearly.  That being said, if the book was edited properly and the book itself was written properly, I think the plot was intriguing and the books would have been spectacular.  Unfortunately it came across as more of a “meh” series.

The character, Keira, also the main character in the book was certainly a character of power.  I really enjoyed how loyal she was to her friends especially her sister-like best friend.  Even though she had these mysterious powers, her friend stuck through with her and even uprooted herself to go on an adventure with Keira to find out who she really was.  While I enjoyed her loyalty and her friendship, I found her somewhat whiny, unpredictable, confused, and plain annoying.  I hated how she seemed to string along the boys because she couldn’t figure out who she liked.  She went from Lucien to Tyler to finally the demon.  I feel like she played with their feelings without meaning to which is even worse than doing it on purpose, IMO.  I just didn’t appreciate how wishy washy she was. 

I loved Keira’s best friend, Lily.  Like I stated earlier, I loved her quiet strength and ability to protect her friends even though she was the mere mortal.  She was probably the one character that I completely enjoyed reading about because she was nice, genuine, and an overall great human being.
The boys – Lucien, Tyler, Danny and Jake – were kind of “meh” to me.  Personally I liked Jake the most because he was always so stable and reliable.  Danny was someone I came to appreciate even though he first came across as a douche but when the demon aspect came along, he was the one who became the most adaptable.  Lucien was decent in the beginning until he became a jerk but then he was okay again – super wishy washy.  Tyler was someone I really enjoyed reading about in the beginning until he let his jealous streak go a little too serious and then I started to hate him.  Overall, the boys certainly brought an interesting aspect to the books.

Eligos, the demon whom Keira ultimately fell in love with, was so insecure.  He was this great Demon Lord but couldn’t trust Keira to love him with his scarred face and the thing was, it wasn’t even that bad of a scar.  He was just so insecure that it was frustrating to read the push and pull they had with each other.  It wasn’t until the end of the second book when they really solidified their love for each other and then things started to be a little better.

So the one thing I hated about this book was the writing style.  I thought it was terribly executed.  In a way, I felt as if I was reading a narration the entire time rather than actually being engaged with the characters and plot.  I also felt like everything was a fairy tale with random demon attacks.  Everyone was being matched with everyone and everyone was this one big happy family and it felt like no one could do no wrong (until Tyler did that doozy).  It just felt so incredibly unrealistic that I was like no

Overall, interesting series – I only found a copy of the first two books and can’t seem to find the third book but I doubt I will engage myself even more with the third book.  Part of me is interested to read the end but the other part of me doesn’t even want to give the book any more of my time.




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