Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Dead Days Journal: Volume 1 by Sandra R. Campbell

The Dead Days Journal by Sandra R. Campbell
Published March 20, 2015

[warning: there are spoilers in this review] This was one of those books surprised me not because it was so great but because the content was unexpected.  I was expecting a relatively straight forward post-apocalyptic book about survival against these creatures but what I didn’t expect were that these creatures were vampires.  It went from a somewhat realistic survival book to a supernatural apocalyptic twist.  While I like supernatural books and post-apocalyptic books alike, I am not sure how I feel about the two mashed together.  For some reason, it didn’t hit home with me. 

One thing that was strange to me was Halloween and his “followers”.  I feel like there were a lot of things that were either not explained particularly well so there was a lot left for imagination or there were just things left unsaid and unexplained.  This didn’t help with my understanding of the book at all.  Such as: what’s with the red smoke?  The concept was somewhat explained but I didn’t fully understand it.  How did her father become a vampire?  Didn’t he die?  So how did someone dead become infected with the red smoke?  And the body of a vampire – how did Halloween and Leo make love?  Doesn’t he have claws?  It was mentioned somewhat about extracting them or something but how come no other vampire did so?  Why was Halloween special?

The main character, Leo, was strong, courageous and resourceful.  She was taught by her father from a young age how to survive because he was an apocalyptic addict.  I really liked her character and she’s definitely someone I admire.  She was willing to take the heat for her family and go out her way for them but at the same time, not afraid to stand up to what she believed in especially when she thought that someone was going too far.  She was probably the only character that actually had some character development because a lot of the other characters were a little 2D for me. 

The one character that I absolutely loathed was her father.  He was so sick and twisted – I don’t understand how no one else realized it.  He was more than willing to have his daughter, Leo, raped just so his family line would continue.  I think that’s just messed up.  I understand that continuing the human race is important but at the end of the day, would you have someone raped just to do that?  That was just sick.  And the worse thing was what he forced his youngest son to do after he realized that he lost Leo.  I can’t believe he had his 10 year old son (I think he was around 10) have sex with another girl around the same age.  They’re 10!  That’s not right in any shape or form.  That was just f’d up. 

Also, I’m not sure if this book is part of a series – it says volume 1 so I would assume so yet the Goodreads page doesn’t have the series name or link which they usually do so I’m not entirely sure.  Though, I’m not sure if I’m invested enough in this book to continue a sequel if there is one.

Overall, decent book – not what I had expected particularly but not bad either.  Definitely different so if you’re interested in reading a supernatural/paranormal/dystopian book then go ahead.




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