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Raziel by Kristina Douglas

Raziel by Kristina Douglas
Published January 25, 2011

Raziel was a book that I was quite interested and excited to delve into mainly because I really like the whole fallen angel concept.  However, unfortunately, Raziel didn’t really meet my standards.  I found the pacing to be quite slow to the point that I was frustrated because I wanted to get to the climax which, also unfortunately, ended very quickly.  It basically left me unsatisfied.  I thought about picking up the second book but I decided that I couldn’t be bothered with it mainly because I really didn’t want to go through yet again an incredibly slow book where the climax might also be unsatisfying.

While the pacing of the book was slow, it did allow the world building to be very complete so I guess that was good.  It was certainly very detailed and really allowed you to understand the history of where the Fallen came into place, why the Nephilim were there as well, and who is actually in control right now.  I liked how I could understand the background but the pace was just way too slow.  The author probably could have cut off about half of the background/details and it would have been enough.

Raziel, the main Fallen in this book, was a confusing character to the point that he confused himself and didn’t know what he really wanted until he could no longer deny it.  He was described as this gorgeous being but to me, somehow he didn’t cut it.  Also, his personality was all over the place – one minute he’s kind to Allie, the next he’s trying his best not to throw her across the room in anger/annoyance and then the next he’s trying to calm his raging turn on.  It was like, come on, figure yourself out here. 

Allie, the unfortunate human who got into an accident, died on the spot, and somehow ended up in this Fallen angel dimension, also did not really connect with me.  Yes, I understand how she’s confused and angry at her unfortunate turn of events but what I didn’t understand was her random lust for Raziel then sudden anger as well.  Both of the MCs were both irritating in that both of them were always going back and forth with their feelings.  It was quite irritating.  I also found myself quite skeptical that angels would like such curvy girls – I have nothing against that but honestly, how often would you spy an incredibly hot guy with a size 12 or so plus girl?

Anyways, moving on, the plot of the book was okay I suppose.  I was expecting some great action but that didn’t really happen – it ended quite quickly.  And the leader of the group, Azazel?  He’s a complete douche when it came to Allie.  But somehow he changed completely when it was just him and Sarah and it was obvious how much love was between the two of them.  That was something I also did not really get from Raziel and Allie – maybe it will come later after they know each other more?  Regardless, this was an okay book but I don’t think I will be following the rest of the series.




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