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Populazzi by Elise Allen

Populazzi by Elise Allen
Published August 1, 2011

Populazzi is one of those super cliché, chick-lit books that tends to give you the feels.  I definitely enjoyed reading this book but personally I feel like the concept here and the story plot is so overdone that I’m just going to give it 3 stars because let’s face it, it’s time to move on and either make this overly redone cliché plot into something better or give it a major twist.  Anyways, despite what I said, I still enjoyed this book – it definitely gave me the swoons in some areas but at the same time, I also felt sympathy to Cara when she was embarrassed or did something embarrassing. 

Cara, I suppose, is your average teenage girl who is just simply trying to change herself.  I’ve been there and I’m sure everyone else has been there at one point – wanting to change yourself for the better.  Whether it is your physical image or your personality or whatever it is, there was something about yourself that you wanted to change and Cara definitely wanted to change.  I don’t, however, agree with the way she went about in doing so.  I felt that she sort of lost herself in the process of changing herself and to be perfectly honest, her best friend influenced her a lot in this which I did not approve at all.  I really did not like how she went about in using Archer – he was so sweet to her and it was clear that he was confused with some of her actions and when she started to use him to find other guys, I was like nuh uh, that is not okay at all.  Plus, she even changed her entire wardrobe and style just to get one of her guys to move up the social ladder.  Maybe because I’m older and wiser now but if I had to completely change myself for a guy, that guy isn’t worth it.

Archer is super cute and I wanted to slap Cara in the face when she started using him.  It was just simply not okay.  He was considerate, adorable, smart, generous, and super caring.  If he was like 8-10 years older, I would go for him (I’m not 8-10 years older than him but I like my men older than me).  Unfortunately he’s too young for me. 

Another thing I had an issue with was Cara’s parents.  What is up with them?  Her stepfather would essentially punish Cara because he felt insecure or used because Cara was rebellious during that one phase and wouldn’t trust her again even though she kept her grades up and still did things as usual?  And her mom for putting up with that kind of husband and forcing herself to choose between her daughter or her husband is just terrible.  At first, I really liked her parents but after they found out that she was dressing all emo and stuff, her stepfather immediately went all out and totally went on the extreme.  Talk about crazy. 

Overall, very light and fluff read.  It’s perfect for the beach or something you just want to relax in.  




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