Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Love Story by Jennifer Echols

Love Story by Jennifer Echols
Published July 19, 2011

This was one of those straight up chicklit romance books that will just make you smile and warm you inside.  There were the typical angst where you are frustrated with the two characters because they keep going back and forth and you just want them to get together already and then there were the heartwarming parts when they are finally, finally, in sync with one another and it’s happily ever after.

Erin is a poor rich girl.  She’s rich but after being cut off from her grandmother, she had to learn how to fight for her dreams which was to become a published writer with her own abilities.  This meant working multiple part time jobs just to support herself for rent, food, and any other necessities while juggling school work.  I also enjoyed her short stories for class because you got to see snippets of her life.  There was actually one thing that I wondered – I thought the class was a creative writing class so aren’t the students supposed to write fiction yet Erin writes almost all of her stories based on real actual facts so they’re no longer fiction but nonfiction. So I was surprised that the professor let that fly.  Or maybe creative writing for that class was anything at all.

Hunter is definitely the resident hot boy.  Good looking, smart and caring and deeply in love with Erin.  It was so obvious from the get-go that he had the hots for her yet Erin didn’t realize it at all and refused to see it even though there were many facts that were just staring at her in the face.  However, even though his feelings were obvious, I didn’t like how he kept so many secrets from her.  Why couldn’t he just be honest with her rather than go behind her back and scheme with her grandmother?  It definitely caused some problems and misunderstanding between the two.

The writing style is actually something I would like to point out.  Maybe it’s because I was reading the ebook so the format was a bit wack but I did not like how the book started with Erin’s story for class.  There was no warning and I was actually super confused if I was reading the right book or if the file was corrupted and some other book was there instead.  I literally had to scroll through the entire short story before coming upon the actual book and then realized that it was a story that the character was writing.  I hope the hard copy is better.

Overall, super cute story and I love the aspect of horses in it.  I’ve always been a fan of horses and it was interesting to read about the horse races and the gambling involved and the actual care for the horses.  I would definitely recommend this book if you’re looking for something fun.



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