Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Exile by Anne Osterlund

Exile by Anne Osterlund
Published April 28, 2011

I didn’t remember much about the first book but what I did remember was that I absolutely loved it.  Unfortunately I think my expectations for the sequel was way too high.  I was vastly disappointed with Aurelia and the character I liked most was Robert even though he wasn’t even the main character.  I think that’s saying a lot.

I really, really found Aurelia to be incredibly annoying and na├»ve and stupid in this book.  I honestly got incredibly frustrated with her inability to understand the situation she was in.  She would often blurt out stupid things or do certain things that will draw attention to herself when she is supposed to be hiding because her own sister is trying to assassinate her and the fact that she is accused of treason.  Yet, she somehow thinks it’s okay and that no harm will come to her.  That incident when Robert was bribing the guard at the Gate to give them a pass with some gold pieces, she was essentially reprimanding him for bribing the guard and when another guard came in with a kid who was a slave and about to be punished for attempting to run away, she was so close to giving her status away.  It took Robert everything he had to pull her away from the situation and then they argued for the next 5 pages about the ethnical of slavery vs. her safety vs. what they can actually do before she finally realized that it was futile.  I just wish she had a brain to understand the circumstances she was under – it’s one thing to be brave and another to be foolish and she was the latter.  It’s also okay to be passionate for certain things but it’s one thing to act upon it during a dangerous time or noting it down and returning to it under better circumstances.  She was simply frustrating.

I really liked Robert.  I admired his strength, his courage, his bravery and his willingness to protect Aurelia at all costs even though the odds were piled against him.  The one thing I didn’t understand was his love for Aurelia – I honestly think that he is much better and smarter than her and way too good for her.  But I suppose love is funny.

The ending is also a bit disappointing because it seems as if there will be a third book but this book was published back in 2011 and usually books in a series come out in a year or two.  So at this point, I doubt that there will be a third book because, honestly, the ending is a cliffhanger.  It ends with more questions and there’s definitely room for a third book.  The main question is, however, will I read it?  Probably not, to be honest.  I think I’m done with Aurelia and her adventures. 




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