Friday, July 31, 2015

Eight Grave After Dark by Darynda Jones

Eight Grave After Dark by Darynda Jones
Published May 19, 2015

I really, really, really enjoyed the previous novels about Charley Davidson but I think this book blew the series out of proportion.  It started off fine but as the book went on, I felt like Charley’s abilities were way out of the norm – like more than just simply supernatural/god-like powers and I felt like the plot was getting a little out of hand.  There were so many scenes in the second half of the novel that simply made me tilt my head and go, really?!

First off, Charley.  I think it has been made quite clear that she found Reyes quite attractive to the point that it is a little annoying now.  I mean, yes, we get it.  We get that everyone simply swoons when he’s there and that he’s drop dead gorgeous but honestly, do we really need to be put through this every other page?  I think it was getting a little too much – to the point that I simply wanted to be like, no, he’s not gorgeous.  Get over it.  Other than that, I think she’s still pretty much the same except a lot fatter now because she’s preggo.  She still has the same heavy sarcastic voice and questions everything or takes everything way too literal.  I think it was okay for a while but for some reason I just wasn’t having it for this book.  I also think this series has gone on for far too long.

For some reason, I felt like all of the other characters were extremely secondary.  I’m not sure if Charley just took up so much space but I felt like I didn’t have the connection with the other characters like I did with the previous seven novels.  While I still enjoyed reading about them and whatnot, it was more distant than usual.

Also, the main thing I want to say is the plot.  There was a case in the beginning that was given to Charley and Cookie but I felt like Charley wasn’t as involved with it as usual and then decided on the extreme solution: go back to hell, yank the kidnapper, force him to tell the location of the missing girl, and return back to Earth.  I feel like there were so many other ways for her to solve it but because she was basically under house arrest by hiding from the twelve hounds, she couldn’t do much.  On one hand, I understood that she could only do so much but on the other hand, really?! Then there was the part with Mr. Wong.  WTF.  I was so confused.  He was this constant thing for the past seven novels and then bam, it turns out he could actually speak so why was he silent the entire previous books?  There was no good explanation and the author didn’t explain either.  Oh, and then the killer twist: the hounds that were supposed to be attacking her were actually protecting her. Again, WTF.  From my memory of the previous book, that was not what happened.  They clearly attacked her and she had the injuries to prove it yet somehow, they were simply pulling her away from danger?  I don’t know, man, I think the author didn’t know what to write anymore and is starting to make up some stuff.  That or she is trying to come up with new things without looking back on the old and asking herself if it makes any sense.

Not so sure if I will continue with her novels now because they’re a little too exaggerated for my tastes.  It was funny and interesting while it lasted but I think the series has gone on for way too long now.  




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