Monday, June 15, 2015

The Stoker Sister Series by Kailin Gow

The Stoker Sister Series by Kailin Gow
Published between 2010-2012

I had such high expectations for this series since I’ve always enjoyed Kailin’s other novels but somehow this book didn’t live up to my expectations.  It wasn’t what I had expected – I had expected something grander since this was basically a novel about the daughters of Dracula.  I mean, it’s Dracula!  What couldn’t be more exciting than that?  But alas, this series was not so.

Sadie, the younger sister, was the quiet and docile one.  She was the one who always listened to her parents and her authorities and rarely strayed.  She was also the one whom both guys fell in love with: the vampire who changed her and the vampire hunter who was meant to kill her.  However, I found her so incredibly annoying.  She kept going back and forth between the two guys.  She clearly did not know what she wanted.  I honestly just wanted to punch her in the face and then stake her myself because she was that irritating.  I hate people who are all sweet and whatnot but are dumb as shit.  That was basically her.  She was so naïve and innocent to the point that it physically hurt me to read more about her.

Alexis, the other sister, was the wild one.  While she certainly brought more life into the book with her antics, she was also stupid and naïve but thankfully, not to Sadie’s level.  At least Alexis learned fast and understood when things were not going as planned and adapted.  I was reading some other reviews and I read someone describing them as two halves and if they are combined, they would be one great person but separate, they are incomplete.  In a way, I completely agree but since both of them are naïve and relatively dumb, combining them together would not fix that unfortunately.  However, if they were combined, at least it would be infinitely better than them being separated.

The two males: Keegan and Lord Arshwin were both very very different.  One was protective and loving while the other was older and was a vampire.  They both loved Sadie but somehow neither of them could take their eyes off Alexis.  What was up with that?  It was as if all of the characters in the book didn’t know what they wanted.  Everyone just kept sliding back and forth between either the two males or the two sisters.   They just need to make up their goddamn minds.  It was quite irritating if you couldn’t tell from my somewhat rant.

After the first book, I thought maybe I’ll give the second book a try since I already had it on hand.  Unfortunately the second book fared no better than the first but at least I pushed on through to the end.  And that was where I called it quits.  I have no interest in reading the third book because this whole plot and the bland and retarded characters were so terrible that I have no interest whatsoever to look for the third book. 

I forgot to mention the plot – it was terrible.  Because both Sadie and Alexis were stupid, they both got caught in so many obstacles and situations where they could have easily avoided if they were smarter.  But no, that was not the case.  Clearly this book was not for me.  Honestly though I’m surprised I disliked it so much.  I usually like Kailin’s novels and I love to read about vampires and the supernatural but this series just did not do it for me.  I’m disappointed.

Overall, if you’re willing to overlook Sadie’s nauseating sweetness and innocence and Alexis’ wildness and naughtiness, perhaps you should give this book a try.  Otherwise, steer clear.

Also, I'm not giving it a 1 star only because I KNOW there are worse books out there.




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