Monday, June 22, 2015

Moon Bayou by J.R. Rain

Moon Bayou by J.R. Rain
Published May 13, 2015

So this book is the first of a series which apparently is a spinoff of another series that basically all revolves around the main character: Samantha who is a vampire and a PI.  I wonder, what is with all of the references of PIs with a splash of supernatural element these days?  I’m currently tackling the Charley Davidson series and she’s also a PI but a grim reaper rather than a vampire.  Regardless, I’ve always had a passion for books such as these – supernatural with a hint of mystery/thriller. 

Anyways, while I enjoyed this book, I’m not sure if I will pick up the original series of Samantha and/or continue with this series mainly because there were a few aspects of her character and the writing style that irked me.  For one, this is really minor, but after seeing it for the umpteenth time, I was annoyed.  I realized that the author really liked to end sentences/chapters with “…” such as “blah blah blah, or was it…” Or something like “blah blah blah, or did she…” Why?!  Rather than the sense of expectation which I’m assuming the author was going for, most of the time, I wanted to just throw the book down and yell “seriously?!” No one needs that little “…”

Another aspect was the fact that Samantha is so dense or the fact that some of the “twist plots” were not surprising whatsoever.  I’m usually too drawn in to a book to really think about my suspicions on a character or the ending or whatnot but for this book, it was basically highlighted in neon flashing signs.  It was so obvious what was going to happen yet it took Samantha way too long, in my opinion, to figure it out.  Half the time, I was basically urging to open her eyes and see the light.  Alas, she did not.  Until it was too late.

Regardless though, despite my whining in the previous two paragraphs, I still enjoyed the book – don’t get me wrong.  Samantha was still an interesting character and I was surprised to see her transform into an actual bat but larger.  I feel like most stories these days either have the vampires transform into any kind of animals (Stoker Sister series), or just sparkle (Twilight), or simply do not do any transformation whatsoever (Vampire Diaries) so this little aspect of her vampirism was a plus.  Usually the whole naked-after-transformation part is left for werewolves but for this series, vampires faced the same situation.

I also enjoyed reading about New Orleans in the present and in the past.  I thought it was a nice historical and cultural tidbit and now I really want to visit New Orleans.  I feel like it’s definitely a location worth visiting.

Overall, good series since I really like the PI aspect mixed in with that supernatural goodness but there are just so many out there that I don’t think I will continue with this series or start up the originals.  Plus, I also have way too many TBRs in my book these days to really tackle another series that’s not already on it.  However, I’ll still recommend it to anyone who’s looking for a new series to start.




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