Thursday, June 4, 2015

Forgotten by Cat Patrick

Forgotten by Cat Patrick
Published June 7, 2011

Forgotten certainly had an interesting premise – with the fact that London would wake up every morning with her memories completely erased except from those of her future memories.  To be perfectly honest, it was definitely a little hard to wrap my head around the idea of this concept.  Okay so her condition was caused by a coma from an accident by why would she “remember” her future events, how did she suddenly gain the ability to see the future, and why would her memory get reset at 4:33 AM every morning?  The accident wasn’t caused at that time so where did this time come from?  These were just a few questions that had me pondering throughout the book.

Luke and London’s relationship, while sweet, also came off as somewhat unrealistic.  There were a few instances when London gushed about how everyday with Luke seemed new to her even though it was obviously a routine – he would pick her up, bring her breakfast and drive her to school.  But in reality, we know that as humans, we can get tired of routines or repetitions and this was what was happening but London couldn’t see it like that due to her condition.  So to me, the relationship was built on London’s condition with the inability to see her past memories so all of the fights, arguments and disagreements they had were erased and Luke would be automatically forgiven – and that didn’t seem realistic to me.  A relationship is based on the memories that the both of you have built up and since one of them cannot remember, it’s unlikely that it would work out in the long run.

Regardless, I did really enjoy Luke and do think of him as the perfect boyfriend.  He was incredibly sweet, caring and understanding especially with London’s memory issue.  That was just something that really impressed me.  And even when they got into a fight and she “forgot” him, he went out of his way to remind her who he was and how much he loved her.  I guess “forgetting” someone is one way of fighting.

I just remembered another thing that was iffy – why couldn’t London “remember” Luke from her future when obviously he was there day after day as her boyfriend?  The book didn’t really go too much into detail for that and it definitely confused me.  I just wished that the author spent more time explaining things so the readers could have a better picture – I feel like the explanations she gave her vague at best.

Despite my reservations with a few plot holes, I still really enjoyed this book – the writing style was lovely and everything flowed well.  The characterizations were also well developed.  The mystery and intrigue behind London’s loss of memory was also very nice even though explanations were not done so well; however, the revelation of what was explained was surprising to say the least.

Overall, enjoyable novel – I just really wish there were a lot more explanations going on.




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