Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Elemental Trilogy by Antony John

Elemental Trilogy by Antony John
Published between 2012-2014

So going in to this book, I was expecting more of a MG level novel – I’m not sure why exactly but somehow I was expecting more of a younger audience.  I’m so glad I was wrong though because this book is definitely in the YG category and it is surprisingly good.

What I liked about this book:

  • Unique plot and setting – the fact that this was a dystopian society and somehow a small group of people with elemental powers have survived on an island while everyone else seemed to be trapped on boats and most do not have any powers.  In a way, this trilogy definitely had a “us vs. them” mentality because of the power differences but was also set in a different environment.  Most of the books out there are either one or the other so I liked how this author meshed these two aspects together.  Another aspect was the fact that the Plague was brought on by rats so whoever has a fear of rats, probably should not read this novel especially the third one because they became a large part of that third book.  I always knew that rats were dirty but didn’t think of them as the Plague-giver and I can’t believe that rats forced humans to escape to either the water or nearby islands.  Crazy. 
  • Characters grew a lot and matured – this story followed Thomas who grew up his entire life without having an element when everyone else in his society had a special power.  He definitely felt inferior compared to the others but at the same time, he didn’t let it stop him from stepping up and having his own place in the community.  I liked how he was still optimistic and cheerful with a good personality.  He definitely wasn’t someone you would call a “Debbie Downer”.  It also helped that his peers treated him with respect especially after disaster hit and their troubles began.  He was the one they relied on and listened to.  The other main girl, Alice, was such a resourceful and bad-ass chick.  She clearly thrived in danger and took it up on herself to keep everyone safe so with the two of them, they were able to keep everyone alive.  I also appreciated how honest she was and to be perfectly honest, I thought Alice and Thomas would get together.  One other character that I really thought matured a lot was Rose.  In the beginning, she was this quiet and docile character who mainly used her ability to catch fish to help the community but after the whole disaster thing, she grew up and became a lot more realistic rather than simply living in that idealistic/fantasy world of hers.  She started to stand up for what she believed in and wasn’t afraid of speaking up.
  • The various plot twists – while there were a few areas where it was pretty obvious what was going to happen but there were also a lot that I did not see coming.  I won’t go into too much detail since some of these plot twists are major parts to the trilogy.  However, I liked that Antony kept me guessing throughout the books which is something that doesn’t usually happen. 
Overall, great trilogy and great ending – the last book was a great wrap up to the novels.  I highly recommend this book to those who enjoy fantasy, sci-fi or dystopian novels.  This trilogy managed to wrap those three genres together in a pretty package.  Plus, the covers aren’t too bad to look at either.



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  1. They sound really good. I really like the fact that it includes a few plot twists, always makes a book more interesting. I will add it to my growing pile, Haha. Great Review!