Monday, June 29, 2015

Charley Davidson Series (#1-#7) by Darynda Jones

Charley Davidson Series by Darynda Jones
Published between 2011-2014

This was one of those series that go by so incredibly fast.  It never touched on any deep or thought provoking topics so it’s great for a summer read or something to just simply pass the time.  And the pass the time it did because I literally flew by these 7 books and now I’m waiting for my library to grab the 8th book so I can devour it as well.

Charley Davidson, the protagonist of the book, was a hilarious character.  She has severe ADD and never took life seriously so there were many scenes where I found myself laughing out loud.  And somehow she would respond to seemingly normal questions with these hilarious one-liners.  Even in times of stress and danger, she wouldn’t be stressing at all or if she did, she’ll play it off very coolly.  She’s funny, sassy, witty, strong, and very supporting of her family and friends (even though she continuously gives them a hard time regularly).  However, the only two things I would say negatively about her were the fact that I could never take her seriously because she was always joking and the fact that I’m glad she’s only a character in a book because if she was IRL, I don’t think I can handle her on a constant basis.  There were many times when I admire her group of friends and family for having the tenacity and patience for her because she can really push your limits.

Reyes, the male sensation, was probably the definition of sexy.  It was clear how much he loved Charley even though he shouldn’t and he would do anything for her – even die for her.  But I feel like he was a little overprotective at times.  Granted, she would often find herself in situations I don’t think a normal person would find herself in.  Then again, she wasn’t exactly normal so maybe normal for her is crazy situations.  The one thing that I found annoying – not really from Reyes – but the reaction that he elicited from his many female fans was a little overwhelming.  It was to the point that it was over dramatic, I think.  And the author played it over and over again.  As soon as he walked into a room, all the females would swoon and fan themselves.  Constantly.  It was like they suddenly had no brains.  Ridiculous.  I just wish she toned it down after a while but the author didn’t.

Cookie, Garrett, and Uncle Bob were great supporting characters.  It was obvious how much they cared for Charley in their own separate ways and it was great to see how much they supported her despite her many flaws.  I honestly thought that Garrett would fall in love with Cookie and they would have this fling of some sort but that never panned out but I kind of wish it did.  And how is Charley so lucky to have so many good looking guys in her life?  I wish she can share her guys with me.  NYC is surprisingly lacking or at least I have yet to see any. 

Overall, great series and I can’t wait to pick up the latest book.  I highly recommend to those who love the paranormal private investigator theme books.  Personally I think there are way too many books out there with similar plotlines – PI with some paranormal aspect and their adventures but I totally love these type of books so kudos.  




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