Monday, June 1, 2015

Anna Series by Kendare Blake

Anna Series by Kendare Blake
Published between 2011-2012

The Anna series was certainly an interesting book with a fascinating concept; however, it failed to draw me in.  I admit, though, that the books were an interesting twist on a normal ghost tale.  I think the main reason why I didn’t feel particularly drawn in was the fact that I’m not usually a fan of supernatural/horror/ghost stories so I was a little surprised at myself for putting this series in my TBR list.

Cas, the male lead, was someone I couldn’t really understand.  In the first book, he was definitely more relatable than the second because in the second, he kept moaning and groaning about Anna in a way that was extremely odd for me.  I just don’t understand how he managed to fall in love with a ghost that was murderous and killed so many people with two of them dying right in front of him.  Yes, I understand that Anna had a sweet and innocent side to her but how could he just overlook her murderous self and only see her sweetness?  To me, it was mind boggling. 

Anna, the ghost in question, reminded me of someone schizophrenic.  Essentially, she had two personalities – the murdering cold-blooded one who slaughtered everyone in sight and her innocent, sweet human-like self.  The one thing that I didn’t really understand about Anna was how come Cas was the only one she was able to retain her human-like self with?  I feel like the explanation given was slim to non-existent.  Other than that, the author’s portrayal of her two sides was superb and while I was drawn into her girl next door image, I was still vitally aware of her other side as well.  They went hand in hand together and I could not see one without the other.  Basically – two sides of the same coin.

Cas’ friends, while amusing and provided some depth to Cas’ character, ultimately did little in terms of developing characters for themselves.  In a way, I felt as if they had their own thing going on and occasionally, Cas would be part of their group. 

The one thing I did enjoy in this series was the fact there were so many things going on and the plot and writing never failed to send shivers down my back.  Particularly, that scene when Cas realized that someone else was in the house with him and his mom and it was that creep.  ARGH.  I was practically hyperventilating on my bed. 

Overall, decent series but since horror really isn’t my cup of tea, I’m not really the best judge in these types of books.




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