Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Hugo & Rose by Bridget Foley

Hugo & Rose by Bridget Foley
Will Publish on May 5, 2015
Thank you St. Martin's for an ARC to review :)

Hugo & Rose had a very intriguing premise – where the person you dreamt for the past thirty years suddenly showing up in your life.  What would you do in that situation?  What would you even do if you dreamt of the same person over and over again on an island and having a grand adventure for the past thirty years?  I thought that the synopsis of the book was fascinating and was eager to grab a hold of the book. 

While the story line itself was interesting, the characters, both Rose and Hugo fell short from my expectations.  Rose was, honestly, a terrible person.  A terrible wife, a terrible mother and an overall terrible human being.  I got the impression that she hated her kids but tried to be a good mother at the same time.  She was always complaining about something – either her husband never being there because he was a surgeon and was at work all the time or her children for being loud or being too rowdy.  There was always something she complained about.  And then she would complain about herself – being too fat, not being pretty enough, wanting to be more like the Rose in her dreams, etc.  I mean, I understand midlife crisis (kind of but I’m not there yet so I don’t understand it first hand) or even being stressed out from basically single-handedly taking care of the household but at the same time, she is not the only one who is in that kind of situation yet she is so grouchy all.the.damn.time.  She doesn’t even see the blessings that she have – a husband who loves her unconditionally even though he’s never home or the fact that she’s always moody or the fact that she gained a lot of weight since they met or even the fact that she dreamt about Hugo every single night.  I honestly did not like her at all – if you couldn’t tell.  I just couldn’t see what her problem was.  And to be perfectly honest, I could care less.

Hugo, on the other hand, was just simply creepy.  In the beginning, he was a normal guy while Rose semi-stalked him but once he found out that she existed, he started to go into creep mode.  And it was really weird too because when he first saw Rose, he couldn’t believe it and was even like “you can pass as Rose but you’re like the older, fatter sister” so when he started to be attracted into her and telling her that they were meant to be together, it was so strange to me.  Plus, when the dreams started to be mad creepy and scary and he tried to trap Rose in there with him, I was honestly disturbed. 

Despite the lackluster characters, I still found the story to be quite entertaining and towards the end when Rose’s dream world and reality started to collide with each other, that was a refreshing breath of air compared to the beginning when you just read about Rose’s dissatisfaction with life.  Overall, I’m not sure if I would recommend it per say since the characters were just so mediocre but if you’re interested in dreams and realities colliding, feel free to check out this book.




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