Friday, May 22, 2015

Eve Series by Anna Carey

Eve Series by Anna Carey
Published between 2011-2013

Going on my dystopian streak these days, the Eve series was a great one.  I really enjoyed how the author depicted what post-apocalyptic America was like and the fact that it was quite realistic.  It was just eerie to see how devastatingly realistic this world that Anna created and the fact that it was built upon lies and deceit made it even more convincing.

The character, Eve, was brainwashed for her entire life – her school and teachers taught her that all men were evil; that after graduation, they would pick a trade they can devote themselves to; that the City of Sand is a wonderful place they can all go to after they become professionals at their trade; that the King was the only man they can trust; etc. and etc.  In a way, I couldn’t believe the horrors and outrageousness the teachers instilled in the kids and the fact that they were able to do so even knowing what the world was really like before the apocalypse.  Note that the older generations (middle-age and onward) all lived in the world we live in now so they knew what life was before the end and the fact that these teachers and headmistresses were able to condone such ridiculousness and the “after graduation” reality was honestly too much for me.  However, in a way though, I could see that happening especially after reading the King’s explanation of what the world was like after and how he was faced with the responsibility of rebuilding America but I felt that he could have chosen a different path.

Anyways, I got a bit sidetracked from talking about Eve – the main character.  She certainly grew up a lot – from the innocent and naïve valedictorian at her school to understanding the realities and harshness of the world outside to facing and realizing how to move forward in a way that would help everyone without lies and deceit.  There were many times in the beginning when I got frustrated with her naiveté but then when I thought about her being brainwashed for the past 12 years, I was able to overlook it.  However, there were still many times when she was selfish but after the first book, she changed and you could see her become much more mature and strong.   She grew into the strong female lead that we often so love to read about.

Arden, Eve’s best friend after she found out the truth, had a very different personality.  She was never bought into the whole façade that the schools were teaching her – instead, she sought out to know the truth for herself and once she did, she went on her way.  She was more of the tough, no nonsense and survival girl but she also changed a lot throughout the series.  Perhaps from the influence of Eve, Arden became softer and rather than always looking out for herself only, she learned to help others around her and in the third book, I was pleasantly pleased to see where she ended up at.

Caleb was the perfect guy in this post-apocalyptic world.  Despite living in the realities of this world, when he first stumbled upon Eve and Arden, he was able to lend a helping hand and go all out for strangers and that spoke volumes of his character.  It also helped that he was charming, intelligent and overall quite attractive.  It was also quite cute to read about Eve’s first meeting and impression of Caleb and how they slowly fell in love with each other.  That being said, I was so happy at the end of the series but I won’t say why otherwise I’ll totally spoil the books for you.

Overall, great dystopian series.  There were certainly a lot of truths about certain realities in the books that can honestly happen if the world as we know it ever ends and that scares me a lot.  I really hope something like this never happens because I don’t know if I can deal with some of the things the characters had to deal with.




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