Monday, May 18, 2015

Between Here and Forever by Elizabeth Scott

Between Here and Forever by Elizabeth Scott
Published May 24, 2011

I was really surprised that I did not find this book that enjoyable since I had always been a fan of Elizabeth Scott’s novels – if you check out my Goodreads page, you’ll see that I have rated 5*s for almost all of her books so when I picked up this book, I was expecting something on par with the other books.  Unfortunately, I think this book fell short.  Maybe it’s because my expectations were too high or something. 

The main character, Abby, is a very quiet person but invisible because of her all-star sister, Tess, who was now in a coma.  And because Abby never thought she was as good as her older sister and maybe due to guilt or shame, she now found herself trying to wake Tess up no matter what just so the community around her and her family will have their role model back.  Abby went from so overcome with the need to wake her sister up that she was no longer living – she went to school, went to the hospital, went home to sleep, woke up and then repeat the cycle all over again.  Her main focus was on finding a way to wake her sister up.  I think the reason why I didn’t really connect with her nor did I enjoy reading about her was the fact that I had never faced that kind of situation, never felt as if I was a shadow to someone else, nor was I ever depressed or so overwhelmed with guilt or shame because of a situation.  So for me, there was just no real connection.  Granted, I do admit that Abby did grow throughout the book – she finally found herself with the help of Eli and she finally learned how to really live. 

Eli was meh for me.  He was depicted as a gorgeous guy and was of mixed heritage – part Japanese, part black and part white – which I guess, in that small town that was predominately white was not particularly a good thing.  However, he didn’t really grow on me.  Yes, he and Abby were very similar – they were just living but not actually living but, I don’t know, I didn’t really connect with him either.  What I did enjoy was the fact that he and Abby started to rely on each other to finding themselves so that was quite nice. 

There was one topic of interest that wasn’t really directed until towards the end when I found out that Tess and Claire, her best friend, were actually together before they had a falling out and Claire went out and got herself pregnant which was also something I didn’t get.  Why would you become pregnant if 1) you’re in love with someone else (Tess) and 2) if you were a lesbian?  It just didn’t make much sense to me whatsoever.  If anything, go find someone else – a girl, specifically, since you swing that way.  But there was one thing I noticed about Scott, she never actually wrote out the word “lesbian” but left it to our own conclusion which I thought was weird – why beat around the bush without actually using the word? 

Anyways, Between Here and Forever was a good read about learning to love yourself and was overall inspirational but since I didn’t really connect with the characters, this book just fell short for me.  Regardless, if you enjoyed her other novels, then you should pick up this book as well.



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