Thursday, April 9, 2015

Unearthly Series by Cynthia Hand

Unearthly Series by Cynthia Hand
Published between 2011-2013

The Unearthly series was a series I thoroughly enjoyed.  I’m not one for angel books because a lot of them just seem a little far-fetched especially for someone who grew up in a religious family (my parents are super religious Christians and brought me to church every week – sometimes even twice a week – for my entire childhood until I left for college) so there have been books about angels that incredibly strange to me.  This series though, despite the angel theme, can honestly be a normal book about a normal girl who had to choose between her destiny/purpose and what she really desired – and this is why I really enjoyed this series.

Clara is so easy to read about and relate to other than her angel-like qualities.  She’s strong, brave and is not afraid to follow her heart even though she spent the last few years knowing that she will have her one purpose in life and that she is destined to carry it out no matter what.  Despite knowing that and finally receiving visions that contained her purpose as well as being uprooted from her California home to the middle of nowhere Wyoming just to carry out her destiny, she still managed to stay true to herself.  It was easy to see the struggle she carried throughout the book: either follow her destiny and carry out her purpose or follow her own heart regardless of the consequences. 

Tucker and Christian are the boys whom Clara had to choose between.  I have always liked Tucker and will always like him even though in the beginning, he came off as a rude jerk but at the same time, there was always a sweet undercurrent from him.  Christian was more aloof and I think he only warmed up to Clara after he found out about something (won’t go into detail here because that would be a huge spoiler).  Once he started to hang out with Clara though, he proved to be a very good friend to her so at least there was that.  However, Tucker is still the guy I prefer because he liked Clara just because and he stuck with her through thick and thin despite being a regular human.

The romance between Tucker and Clara was something I completely fell in love with.  Unlike typical YA novels where the two of them met and fell in love, their relationship was something that was more gradual.  In the beginning, they didn’t really like each other – in fact, Tucker hated yuppie Californians which, I guess, Clara was, and after some interactions, they started to become friends.  It also helped that Wendy, Tucker’s twin sister was one of Clara’s best friends and it was actually because of her that the two started to spend the summer together and that’s how they fell in love.  And their love was true because Clara always chose Tucker even though her purpose and destiny was someone or something else.  I’m glad that at the end of the series, everything worked out well and that it was essentially a happily ever after.

The writing was also splendid.  I loved how Cynthia had such an easy flow that it made reading her novels so much easier.  I read the entire series in about 2 days – that’s how fast and easy it was.  This is not to say that her writing style was amateur nor short but she just seemed to capture that flow with narrative descriptions.  For example, her portrayal of Wyoming made it seem much more beautiful and captivating than what I had previously thought of Wyoming.  It really made me want to visit that great state and really be with all of that nature. 

All in all, I really, really enjoyed reading about Clara and her struggle with destiny, purpose and her heart.  There were so many plots woven into the three books (one of the covers up there is a novella) and it really seemed as if you were there in the middle of it all.  The war between good and bad, light and dark, and the gray as well.  There were lots of actions but also a lot of downtime to really understand the characters and what they were going through.  Plus, the covers are absolutely stunning.  I am such a sucker for pretty covers and I’m glad that those covers were actually relatable to the books.  I highly recommend this series.




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