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The Violet Eden Chapters Series by Jessica Shirvington

The Violet Eden Chapters Series by Jessica Shirvington
Published between 2010-2014

Apologies for the lack of reviews the past few days – I was in the middle of reading this series that had freaking 5 books in it so it took me a few days to read them and digest them.  And, I am so glad I read them all.  They were so freaking good.

The first book was definitely the most lagging one mainly because it was the world-building, character-building and everything-building book so there were a lot of concepts to grasp and a lot of decisions to be made by our main character, Violet.  Thankfully though, all of the other books were splendid and absolutely wonderful.  I loved all of the characters and there were definitely a few that just grew on me and made me weep (my weeping had no tears, by the way).  And the plot was very intriguing and certainly kept me on my toes.  I was glad that the final book wrapped everything up nicely without missing any loose ends or being too cliché that it didn’t feel right.

Violet was very easy to like and relate to.  She was courageous, strong, responsible and very independent.  She grew up with no mother and a somewhat lacking father.  He was there but he wasn’t always actually there.  Still, it was obvious that they loved each other so that was good.  What I liked about her was her independence – it reminded of myself and wanting to do everything myself.  For me, it was just easier to do that but for her, it was because she didn’t want to involve/hurt anyone else.  Luckily for me, I’m not in any situation where I can hurt anyone (physically at least).

Lincoln, Violet’s soulmate, was your typical hot, somewhat possessive, strong, sexy, all-around great guy.  He was made to be a leader and really fit as Violet’s other half as they are both independent and strong but willing to compromise for each other.  Even though I really liked him, I felt like his character, at times, was lacking.  Maybe because he wasn’t always there especially for the second half of the first book or the beginning half of the last book but it was clear that the feelings between Lincoln and Violet were genuine. 

Phoenix, the dark exile, the son of Lilith and the son of man, was certainly an intriguing character.  Because he was the son of Lilith, the queen of darkness or whatever, he was the definition of passion, lust and darkness but at the same time, because of his human father, he had human-like qualities and characteristics which made him an anomaly.  To be perfectly honest though, I liked him more than Lincoln because he changed because of Violet.  You could really see how he went from a creature that only cared about himself with his broodiness to someone who learned how to love and to truly love that person with no care about himself – that true love is to make sure that the happiness of the one you love is ensured rather than the happiness of yourself.  Yes, the second and third book was mostly about him being the enemy but despite that, it was still obvious that he was still struggling with his inner self and didn’t really want to actually hurt Violet.  Plus, he more than enough redeemed himself in the last two books so I was glad everything eventually worked out well for himself.

Steph, Spence, Zoe, Dapper, and all the other characters in the book were amazing.  They really drew the series together and really helped Violet whether it was with accepting the fact that she’s half angel or with any problems she might have – they always had her back.  Honestly, I feel like that is something most people nowadays lack.  We have friends, lots of close friends, yes but to really have your back in times of need?  I feel like that is very rare these days so I was quite envious of Violet and her troop of friends.  I also wanted to give a shout out to Onyx – he was probably my favorite character.  He was a dark exile who was turned human against his will by Violet.  He was insane, disgruntled and pissed off when he became human to someone who realized the gift of life to someone who Violet trusted with her life.  Honestly, I loved him.  He had that sense of humor and that need to pretend he didn’t want to help when he really did that was similar to me.  He really changed a lot throughout the series and I loved him.  That is all.

The love triangle in this series – Violet, Lincoln and Phoenix – though very passionate and somewhat overwhelming with all the emotions taking place, was a little lackluster.  I’m not entirely sure why – perhaps it was the fact that Violet and Lincoln kept denying themselves what was obvious but that heartbreaking angst rang true throughout the series so I was glad for that.  I am such a sucker for that tear-jerking-ness.  Always.  But really, I didn’t really entirely understand why they just could not come together and be together and what was the need for all of that drama.  Isn’t it obvious that it’s better to have something for even a short amount of time than to forever regret not having it?  But with Phoenix, the passion was all-consuming and it was obvious that he loved her more than she loved him.  However, at least they went straight to the point rather than dancing around it for books and books before finally doing the deed and then separating for years before coming together again.  Ugh, drama.

Regardless, this series was awesome.  I wanted to give it a 5 star but after writing the review and really thinking about some of the elements that were lacking, I think a 4 star would be best.  I highly recommend this series if you’re interested in an angle-twist plot.




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