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Hourglass Series by Myra McEntire

Hourglass Series by Myra McEntire
Published between 2011-2013

I had high hopes for this series and I am so glad that I was not disappointed.  I remember a few years back, back when I first started blogging at my old blog, people were buzzing a LOT about this series and it was the envy of many bloggers when a few select bloggers managed to snag an ARC copy.  Now I know why.  This series was awesome.  Each book follows a new couple: Hourglass followed Emerson and Michael from Emerson’s POV; Timepiece followed Kaleb and Lily from Kaleb’s POV; and Infinityglass followed Hallie and Dune from Hallie’s POV.  In a small part of me, I wish that it stuck with one person’s POV throughout all three books but for the most part, I am so glad I got to experience the perspective of other people and a new romance for every book.

Hourglass was a great start to a great series.  Emerson (first of all, what kind of girl’s name is Emerson?? At least she had it shortened to Em but still) saw rips which were people from the past.  At first, I thought she was seeing ghosts and was prepared to read about a ghost and medium story but no, I was pleasantly surprised that this series is about time-travel rather than your typical YA supernatural/paranormal trend.  And Michael saw rips from the future.  With that being said, I’m not going to say anything else to spoil the book – I think I spoiled it enough.  Regardless, I love Emerson and Michael – they were both extremely likeable and easy to relate.  Emerson more than Michael.  The one thing that I didn’t like so much about Michael was his stubbornness to not be with Emerson even though the attraction between them was real but he kept making excuses and saying that it was complicated.  How is that complicated?  Nonetheless, I loved the attraction between the two even though Michael resisted it at first and the whole Em can travel to the past and Michael can travel to the future and how they come together and can travel back and forth makes their love seem so much better.  It’s like fitting two pieces into one.

For Timepiece, I loved how it was from Kaleb’s POV.  He was introduced in the first book and he was the definition of a bad boy.  He drinks a lot, has piercings and has tattoos.  That’s pretty hot.  The only thing was that my impression of him throughout the first two books was a lanky/fit guy but in the third book, he was described as the Hulk which meant his physique is quite large.  I did not get that impression whatsoever.  He seemed too sensitive to be that big, I think. And his attraction to Lily was great – at first, it was just physical but then she started to matter and it became real.  Lily was someone I truly loved.  If I could have one best friend, it would be her.  She’s feisty, bold, strong and caring.  Maybe it’s the fact that she escaped from Cuba with her grandmother when she was young but it taught her to be tough and it showed.  So when she finally opened up and let Kaleb in, I loved it.  I just loved how two people with tough exteriors but super sensitive interiors were able to connect.  Plus, in the third book, Hallie described them as “too much sexy for one couple” which basically summed it up.

Infinityglass showcased a dual POV – Hallie and Dune.  Personally, I found this couple to be the most lacking out of the three but it was still entertaining and interesting to read about the two of them.  I definitely liked Hallie a lot because she wasn’t the typical teenage girl and she had a lot of personality.  Dune was decent – I was surprised to see him as the main character because in the first two books, he was always in the background and was honestly quite shy.  His ability wasn’t touched on too much throughout the series so I’m still a little confused about what exactly he can do.  I just know that he can control the water and something about moon phases but it wasn’t very specific.  Regardless, the story plotline was really nicely done as it managed to weave all the questions from the previous two books and managed to tie everything together.

I still liked the first two books best only because I liked the main characters in those two books better but the third book did a wonderful job ending the series so I really liked that as well.  In a way, this book reminded me a little of X-men and all of the abilities that everyone had.  It was very sci-fi which I really liked – I feel like we don’t have much sci-fi these days in the YA group.  Most of the books I see out there are paranormal/supernatural/fantasy so it was nice to see something different.  All in all, I highly recommend this series especially if you’re a X-men fanatic.




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