Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Half-Blood Vampires Series by Serena Robar

Half-Blood Vampires Series by Serena Robar
Published between 2006-2007

The Half-Blood Vampire series are great for something light and fun.  All of the books go by quickly so it’s very easy to read them all in a very short time span.  They’re funny and engaging; however, a bit unrealistic especially after Colby becomes a vampire.  The fact that her family and “best” friend, Piper, didn’t seem fazed by this fact is just absurd. 

Colby is the main character in this series and she gets assaulted by this vampire, gets thrown off this ravine and becomes a vampire.  The first thing she does?  Goes straight home and accidentally scares her mom which made her cut herself with a knife at the time and then Colby proceeds to lick/suck the blood from her mom.  What did her mom do?  Seem a bit dazed but accepting of the fact.  WHAT.  I’m pretty sure if I was the mom, I would not be so calm about the fact that my daughter just sucked my blood.  And not only that, her father then made her a specific fang headgear because her canines were taken out for braces when she was younger and therefore she had no canines and therefore, no fangs.  Two problems with this.  One, a lot of my friends had gotten braces when they were younger and none of them had ever gotten their canines removed – that is just so bizarre.  Granted, I am not an orthodontist nor am I an expert in this field but regardless, that’s a tad strange.  Second, how can she even walk around with that headgear?  She would have to carry it with her just so she can eat.  She’s clearly not going to wear it on a daily basis because imagine, a fang headgear would certainly turn some heads.  This series is great and it’s funny but there are lot of small things that either don’t make sense, seem off or just plain ridiculous.

Nonetheless, Colby did grow up a lot in this series.  She went from a somewhat shallow typical cheerleader to becoming the Protector of other half-bloods and she certainly grew into that role.  There were definitely tons of obstacles in her path but she managed to overcome them with her own charm and wit.  She was easy to like but to me, she was also a little slow.  A lot of antagonists in the books were quite obvious from the beginning and even one of her sorority girls was able to pick it up from the get-go but not Colby.  In fact, she was totally in the dark and didn’t realize anything until the end.  I guess, she is still the stereotypical “blond chick”. 

Piper, Colby’s best friend, was not even her friend in the beginning of the first book.  They were neighbors and were friends when they were younger but slowly grew apart as they grew up and all of a sudden, smack, they’re best friends.  I mean, I loved Piper – she was great and added a certain spice and attitude to the series but still, why and how did they become friends all of a sudden?  It just seemed incredibly random to me. Yet, she was the one who stuck by Colby through thick and thin and overcame her tendency to hide in the face of danger to protect Colby when it counted.

Overall, this series was decent – great for a quick laugh and certainly entertaining.  Serena definitely brought an interesting twist of half-vampires.  There is also a novella after the third book but I doubt I will go in search for it.  I would recommend this book more for the MG crowd or the younger YA group.




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