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Fallen World Trilogy by Megan Crewe

Fallen World Trilogy by Megan Crewe
Published between 2012-2014

Fallen World Series was probably one of the best apocalyptic/dystopia/post-apocalyptic trilogy I have ever read.  At first, the series didn’t completely grab my attention – it was more of a slow and increasingly insistent cry for me to delve into it more and more.  But once I got into it, I couldn’t stop.  The first book took me the longest at around 2-3 days to finish and the last two books?  I polished both of them in one weekend because I just couldn’t help myself.  It was that good.

The world that Megan created was beautifully weaved.  It was incredibly easy to picture the slow and then fast descent as the people, one by one, started to become infected and die from it.  The virus, this invisible enemy of theirs, was unbelievably realistic.  Usually, for these pathogenic viruses, there are a lot of relatively disgusting or shocking symptoms but for this virus, it was called the friendly flu where you’re itchy for a few days, then you become very friendly with no filter of a mouth, then you become crazy, hysterical and/or paranoid and then you’re gone.  The itchiness and friendliness of the virus was what made it so easy to pass along and spread. 

Another aspect of this trilogy that made it so riveting was how it really delved into the human aspect of what we would do when we are faced with little to no choices – what we would have to do to survive.  It was an eye-opener as you saw people grouped into two groups: those who helped others and those who fended for themselves with no care to the survival of others.  However, at the same time, what you would do for those you love and cherish.  Would you abandon everyone else or try to fight for humanity?  It was also very interesting to see how the world slowly came apart – first with the island community itself and then the rest of the world.  There were certainly a lot of scenes in this trilogy where it was quite difficult to read and swallow but ultimately necessary.

Kaelyn changed a lot throughout the book.  In the beginning, she was more of a shy teenager who missed her best friend from a fight two years ago and that was who she was directing her journal entries to.  She really bloomed when crisis hit and became a leader of some sorts.  It wasn’t a role that came naturally to her – more of a role that was forced upon her as her situation and options diminished with each new victim on her island.  However, it was a role that she grew into and it certainly shown in books two and three.  I’m not sure if I was a huge fan of her per say but I certainly admired her and her ability to do what was tough even though there were times, it was very hard.  Granted though, there were a few situations where she dawdled and that cost her and her friends’ time that was precious. 

To be perfectly honest, the first book was the best, in my opinion and the second book, though good was not great.  It felt a little dragging towards the end because it was essentially a very long road trip with a few obstacles here and there.  The third book was pretty good overall but I’m not sure if I was a fan of the ending.  It seemed a little far-fetched and somewhat unrealistic.  Regardless, it was still a pretty good ending overall and certainly much better than the Divergent series.  Grr.

Overall, great series and I certainly enjoyed myself.  If you’re into apocalyptic novels then look no further – this is the book for you.




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