Monday, April 20, 2015

Blood Coven Vampires Series (#6-#7) by Mari Mancusi

Blood Coven Vampires Series by Mari Mancusi
Published between 2011-2012
I’ve always been a fan of the Blood Coven Vampires series but somehow, Blood Ties did not get to me at all.  The book was written from Sunny’s perspective and, my god, is that girl annoying.  Not only is she shallow but she’s a mess.  She’s flaky, she doesn’t know what she wants and she somehow expects the world to revolve around her.  There were so many times in that book where I was so frustrated at her, I could barely contain myself from throwing the book across the room.  Or somehow reach into the book and strangle her myself.  I mean, yes, she is now a fairy so she’s not as delicate as a regular human but still.  There is only so much stuff she can do.  I suppose, I should at least give her a point or two for having the courage to dive into danger but at the same time, the fact that she kept complaining about how Marcus, her supposed boyfriend, didn’t want to do things her way and then her dilly-dallying with Jayden. Oh goodness, there were just so many things wrong about Sunny.  I really much prefer books from Rayne’s point of view – it’s just so much better.

Plus, the guys in this book were so lame.  Marcus was MIA most of the time and when he wasn’t, he was just blah.  And Jayden was extremely annoying – he got bitten because he wanted to be closer to Sunny – what kind of lame reason is that?!  Not only that, but he becomes a half-vampire only because he didn’t complete the transition so it’s like what were you even thinking?  And now he was stuck and needed Sunny’s help aka, really, Marcus’ help.  Honestly, this whole book was all over the place and it would’ve been better if I just skipped it, period.  I noticed a lot of reviewers on Goodreads also skipped the books written from Sunny’s POV, which now made a lot of sense because she sucks.  (Sucks, get it? LOL)

Now the other book, Soul Bound, was a little better mainly because it was from Rayne’s point of view and even though she completely confuses me with her vampire/vampire-slayer/fairy princess/I don’t even know anymore, at least she’s pretty cool.  I like her attitude with her don’t mess with me or you die vibe going on.  The only downside actually, same with Blood Ties, was that I absolutely hated the pop culture references.  I’m pretty positive that Mari mentioned Justin Bieber at least 50 times in each book and honestly, no one likes him so every time when he was mentioned, I was like omg, no.  I’m pretty sure only tweens like him and both Rayne and Sunny are not tweens. 

The plot for the Soul Bound was pretty decent but omg, the ending totally blows.  It was possibly the worst ending ever and I really do not want to give it away but it was just horrible.  Honestly, I feel like Mari ran out of things to write but she somehow wants to continue this series when it is now completely dead.  I doubt I will continue to read the series by this point just because it’ll be ridiculous and a time-waster, for me at least.  Even though it started out pretty good, it was just a fast spiral downwards.  Maybe I outgrew the book and the series but at this point, everything from Rayne’s or God forbid, Sunny’s mouth, just seems incredibly juvenile and outrageous.  Granted, it’s funny and relatively fast-paced but sometimes, being fast-paced, is not a good thing.  And in this case, it’s not.

Overall, Soul Bound was better than Blood Ties but both were incredibly lacking.  Sunny was a terrible POV and the ending for Soul Bound was just horrifying.




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