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Bad Girls Don't Die Series (#2-#3) by Katie Alender

Bad Girls Don't Die Series by Katie Alender
Published between 2011-2012

It’s been such a long time since I read the first book of this series and I just remembered that I had absolutely loved it.  It was creepy, suspenseful and overall incredibly satisfying.  I am glad to say that the last two books did not disappoint.  They certainly were not as creepy as the first book but still had their own elements of being eerie without being too much.

Alexis is still the strong female character who is likable and caring.  Despite the way she dresses, her hair (pink!) and her attitude, she is a softie at heart yet she is still someone to be reckoned with especially for those pesky ghosts.  After her experience with ghosts in the first book, she now knows what is she up against and is very cautious.  What I liked most about Alexis is that she had a lot of opposite characteristics such as looking like a badass yet incredibly loving and caring with her friends and family; smart yet somehow still fell for those demonic ghosts; sarcastic yet completely honest at times.  She was definitely a complex character and I liked that.

Kasey, Alexis’ sister, was someone I really grew to like in this book.  In the first book, she was the one who was possessed by that crazy ghost and had to be institutionalized but in this book, she came back stronger and was the one who was level-headed, surprisingly.  She certainly learned her lesson and wanted to prove that she learned it to her big sister.  Granted, she was a little na├»ve in the second book like wanting to conquer the ghost who was taking over the entire “Sunshine Club” and did not want any help whatsoever.  I think that if she was straightforward in the beginning, then Alexis would not have succumbed and the whole situation would have ended much earlier.  But, hey, without that, there wouldn’t have been the second book, right?  By the third book, she really grew up and was more of an anchor to her sister.

What I enjoyed most of this book was how Katie used a lot of typical items such as Ouija boards, porcelain dolls, poltergeist, etc. and somehow spun them in a new and original way so that it seemed as if you know what was going to be happen but then, as you read more and more into it, it becomes totally different. She certainly knew how to keep you on the edge of your seats and I loved that.  The writing was also splendid – very fluid and the plotline was great.  Nothing was choppy, awkward, or seemingly useless.  You have no idea how many scenes, sometimes, are completely garbage yet the author would put it in there to “build the world/plot/characters/whatever” but at the end of the day, still garbage.  Luckily, Katie did not do that.  Everything she put in these books had a meaning and a reason to it.

Also, I wanted to do a short blurb on the third book since I have not mentioned it a lot so far.  It was by far creepier than the second book.  The second book didn’t really get scary or chilling until the end when everything started to fall in place. The third book, however, got relatively creeptastic pretty fast.  There was always that sense of doom or whatnot that was constantly present but you didn’t know what.  And then when the pieces started to come together, it was like OMG.  Plus, that ghost that Alexis kept seeing in the third book was truly horrifying.  There were so many times when I was so certain I would blink and that creepy thing would pop up.  ;;shudders;;

Overall, great series – I really enjoyed it and would certainly recommend it. Especially if you are into all of that occult/horror subjects then this would be absolutely perfect for you.  For me, I’m not such a huge fan of scary things but I still really, really liked it.




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