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Trylle Trilogy by Amanda Hocking

Trylle Trilogy by Amanda Hocking
Published between 2010-2011

This is going to be a tough review to write.  Mainly because I have mixed feelings for it and also because I simply do not know what to write.  This was my first book from Amanda Hocking and I just found out that she’s pretty famous for a self-published author.  However, her writing style was something I found lacking.  It wasn’t enough to draw me into the book and the only reason, two actually, were the fact that I was curious about the trolls even though they look nothing like the trolls I know and because the covers of each of the books were exquisite.  They’re so pretty!  Other than that…bleh.

The world of trolls in this world is nothing to what we had grew up with – ugly, warty, and living under the bridge.  In fact, these trolls are known to be extremely beautiful with some magical powers connected to nature.  It was certainly interesting to read an interesting take on trolls especially in the paranormal/supernatural genre today that is heavy with vampires and werewolves – reading about trolls was, in short, refreshing.

Wendy Everly is a character I did not particularly enjoy reading about.  She’s extremely picky – granted, there is a reasoning behind this but it still doesn’t change the fact that pickiness is usually identified as annoying – fussy, and an overall brat-like being.  No wonder her human mother, Kim, knew instantly that Wendy was not her biological child.  However, despite the fact that I found Wendy selfish, spoiled and immature, she does grow up throughout the series and by the end of the trilogy; you can start to see some of her more admirable qualities and her maturity.

Finn is also a character I did not enjoy but that was not the case in the beginning.  In the first book, Switched, I actually liked him quite a lot.  He came off as the typical standoffish but really good-looking guy who was also Wendy’s protector.  However, as the book progressed, I got more and more irritated with him.  He always had some sort of excuse as to why he couldn’t be with Wendy – again, granted, there is a reasoning behind this – yet would sometimes fall into temptation and kiss her senseless and other times be so cold and distant that Wendy’s emotion kept going up and down. Plus, a girl can only take so much rejection before she moves on.  And moves on she did.

Loki.  I’ve always liked Loki even though in the beginning, he was Vittra and therefore, an enemy of Wendy and her tribe of trolls.  However, he was always warm-hearted and gentle with a sense of compassion.  He was never rude or cruel like the Vittra king yet he was strong and willing to stand up for himself.  In fact, he helped Wendy and her friends more than he hurt them even though he certainly had the means to.  He was also always flirtatious with a charming smile on his face – kudos for that.  And at the end, I’m glad Wendy chose him because he actually fought to be with her and gave up everything for her.  Whereas, Finn, who claimed he loved her, always found a reason to not be with her. 

Overall, I relatively enjoyed this book.  There were a lot of growing up for the characters and some action thrown into the mix which made it a fun read.  




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