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Souls Series by Mary Lindsey

Souls Series by Mary Lindsey
Published between 2011-2014

First of all, I would like to apologize for the lack of reviews for the past few days – I usually try to post 4 a week but life happened and I was quite busy and didn’t have much time to read books.  However, I should be back on track (hopefully!) this coming week and should have more reviews coming up soon. 

Now, regarding the review, I really enjoyed this series.  It was a quick read and thoroughly entertaining.  I liked the relationship between Lenzi and Alden in the first book and the dynamic between Paul and Vivienne in the second book. Despite the fact that they are soul-branded to another, the attraction between both of the couples is obvious.  However, the cynical part of me believes the attraction is because of the soul-branding.  If your souls are branded to be together and you’re linked to feel and respond to each other’s souls, an obvious next step would be a romantic one, correct?  Nevertheless, the romantic, young part of me believes their love for each other is real.

The characters in both books seem realistic and had complex characteristics.  Lenzi didn’t know what was going on in the beginning because she had no memory of her past lives and was afraid of ending up like her dad.  She went through a lot and had a lot to deal with and her struggles throughout the first book were legit.  Alden, being the Protector over many lifetimes, was accustomed to dealing with Lenzi (or Rose) and was the perfect gentleman – patient, understanding, able to transmit calmness and being hot and sexy definitely helped.  Paul was briefly mentioned at the end of the first book and you really got to know him in the second book.  At first, he came off as the typical follow-the-rules type of guy with no flexibility but as you got to know him, you started to understand where he came from and why he was the way he was.  He really developed in the second book and changed a lot after meeting his Speaker, Vivienne.  Now, Vivienne was a character.  Strong yet fragile, punk-ish yet not.  I really enjoyed reading about her but she was a little cliché at some points – the whole I’m putting a brave face façade didn’t work it for me, it was too obvious that she had some major baggage right from the get-go.  Despite that, I still enjoyed how her character changed and by the end of the second book, I really liked her.

As for the story plotline for the first book, I really enjoyed how Mary created this new twist on the typical ghost story with the Protector and Speaker roles along with the different terminologies: open vessel, closed vessel, etc.; and still integrating key common components such as possessions and the idea of heading off into an afterlife once the reason why ghosts have lingered were fulfilled.  The one thing that slightly weirded me out was the fact that Protectors kept jumping around into other bodies especially in the second book at the climax.  It was confusing trying to remember who was in who.  Moving on – the world building for this series was evident in the first book – the second book didn’t have as much but understandable since it is the second book in a sequel.  I believe that the second book shouldn’t be a standalone read despite what numerous people have said due to the fact that Lenzi and Alden are heavily mentioned throughout the second book, the ongoing exorcism of Smith (the main antagonist in both books), and the background story.  Therefore, my recommendation is read the first book and then the second to get the whole grasp of the entire story.

Overall, great series – a solid 4 stars.  Now I just hope that there is a third book about Race and Maddi – they definitely deserve a book all to themselves.




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