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Night School by Mari Mancusi

Night School by Mari Mancusi
Published January 4, 2011

I’ve always been a fan of the Blood Coven Vampire series so this book was no exception.  I also didn’t realize until after reading the book that the series was still ongoing and I was actually 3 more books behind.  Alas, I will find the other books ASAP so I can read and write a review later.  That being said, I still needed to write a single review for this book because I fear that I might end up waiting too long and would completely forget what this book is all about.

Moving on – this book had tons of action. There was always something going on so it never felt like it was dragging on; however, I think that was a weakness.  Too much action left me breathless because it was hard to absorb everything all at once. The writing style was also very sarcastic and hilarious with Rrayne narrating the book.  She managed to make funny remarks even in dire situations which was great.  I found myself laughing throughout most of the book.  The plotline was decent, like I said, tons of action but it was too much and somewhat unrealistic to the point that it made no sense.  I understand that this being a paranormal book with vampires and fairies is already unrealistic but Rayne is essentially a vampire, vampire slayer AND a fairy princess all rolled into one.  How is that even possible?  It just seemed incredibly unlikely and too much even in the realm of fiction.

Rayne was a great character – she was likable, funny and sarcastic.  She definitely had a lot of character.  However, that was it.  Maybe it’s been a while since I read the series or maybe because I grew up since I read the last few books but I felt like this book was…childish.  Even though Rayne was great overall, there were things she would say and do that would make me cringe especially with that little tête-à-tête with Corbin.  I mean, WHERE DID THAT COME FROM?  I understand that she bit him so he became entranced with her; however, it was hinted before she even bit him that he was interested in her.  What? How? Why? And she was interested in him as well even though she had a boyfriend she supposedly loved.  If she loved him so much, how can she even think about making out with someone else?  Like I said, frustration to no end.

Sunny was also incredibly whiney in this book.  All she did for most of the book until the changeling came and switched with her, was whine about everything: Magnus, wanting to be human, Magnus, being at a vampire slayer school, Magnus, etc.  Did I mention Magnus?  The only redemption she had in this book was at the end when she decided to keep her wings instead of amputating them so she would always look fairy rather than blending in with being human and this decision was made because she decided that maybe one day, Fairyland would need her and she would be willing to step up and become queen.  I thought this was great because at least she is capable of showing some responsibility to her lineage and whatnot.

Another thing I wanted to point out is the cover. The cover is gorgeous but somehow I feel like it does not match with the interior.  The meat of the book is sarcastic and somewhat childish and the cover is pretty and elegant-like.  It just didn't seem to match in my opinion.

Overall, I still enjoyed the book only because I just want to know what ultimately happens.  By the way, I honestly thought this book was the end until the epilogue when Mari just suddenly decided to include a major cliffhanger.  What. Ugh.




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