Saturday, March 7, 2015

Full Moon Trilogy by Ellen Schreiber

Full Moon Trilogy by Ellen Schreiber
Published between 2010-2012

The Full Moon series has been a mix of ridiculousness and incredulity on my end.  This is mostly because everything just seemed remarkably unlikely and I’m not referring to the topic – werewolves – but to the characters’ personality and their reactions to certain events.  To me, Celeste was someone I could not relate with at all.  Granted, she was sweet (a little too sugary sweet) and had a very forgiving personality but it was extremely tiresome after only a short while.  She kept going on and on about the division between the division of her town yet doing nothing drastic about it.  In fact, in the beginning, before she met Brandon, she herself never even went to the other side but she wanted to tear down that division?  Give me a break.  Highly doubtful and even after she found Brandon, her visits the other side mostly consisted of going to his house. Plus, because of her overly sweet personality, it led her to be exceptionally naïve and trusting to the point where I wanted to smack her in the face. Hard.

And Brandon, the werewolf in question, was a little too cliché in my opinion.  He was a little sweet and a little too nice and understanding for my taste.  It just didn’t seem realistic at all.  He would have been the perfect boyfriend if such a thing existed because, you know, reality sucks.  Another thing that irritated me was the fact that he couldn’t make up his mind about taking the cure.  I swear, books two and three mostly consisted of him going back and forth – should I take it or should I not take it?  What if I miss being a wolf but I also do not want to be a monster? Ugh.  Make up your mind.

Celeste’s friends, Ivy and Abby, also grated my nerves, especially Ivy.  She kept pushing for the “six” to always be together especially when it was painfully obvious that Celeste was no longer into Nash but yet she kept pushing for it.  She was simply way too cliquey for me to stomach.  I hated that.  Abby was slightly better because she tried and came off as more understanding and accepting of change.  Ivy seemed to be stuck in her own way and if someone came around and tried to mess it up, she would be pissed.  I understand that staying in your comfort zone is great and everything but if you’re really friends with someone, best friends, shouldn’t you be more interested in what makes them happy rather than what makes you happy? 

Overall, I did not particularly enjoy this series.  It was one of the blandest and most cliché werewolf story I have come across so far.  However, the covers were quite pretty and I suppose the characters did redeem themselves at the end.  This series is great if you’re just looking to kill some time or if you just want to read about a werewolf who did not even know he was a werewolf.




  1. I loved your review!
    It was really honest, this is what us readers look for
    They way you wrote about the history reminded me of the Twilight books, all this thing of being naive and etc
    Great job

  2. Thank you for the great comment! It's comments like these that keep me writing reviews! :)

    Holed Up In A Book