Friday, March 27, 2015

Crave Series by Laura J. Burns

Crave Series by Laura J. Burns
Published between 2010-2011

Personally, I enjoyed the Crave series – I thought it was an interesting twist of being half vampire half human.  And it should have been obvious that the main character, Shay was half vampire and half human but it didn’t hit me until it was revealed and then I felt extremely dumb for not figuring out the obvious sooner.  Granted, I was slightly distracted while I was reading these two books but still. 

Anyways, basically this book is about Shay who was born with a rare blood disorder where she forced to have transfusions every few days otherwise she’ll be too weak to even do anything normal so for her entire life, she was coddled and spoiled by her mother who would do anything for her little girl.  And yes, Shay was extremely spoiled.  There was one scene where she wanted her favorite drink, pomegranate juice, and she knew they ran out of them yet she didn’t say anything until her mother went to look for it, found out that they no longer had any, and quickly volunteered to run out to the store just so Shay could have her precious juice.  And Shy didn’t even say, nah, it’s okay, I can drink something else.  What.  Needless to say, I did not really like Shay.  Plus, after she started the new transfusions, she went on this total adventure of trying to be “normal” by making out with her best friend’s boyfriend and then getting drunk and dragging this poor guy with her to swim to this little island at night just to prove that she was stronger and normal now.  In short, she was a complete and utter spoiled brat. I mean, I did feel some sympathy for her due to her mysterious illness and how sheltered she was for her entire life but it did not allow her to treat others around her like trash and speak to them thoughtlessly.

Gabriel, on the other hand, was much better than Shay.  He grew up with his vampire family and when he was of age and was given the choice of becoming one like them, he took it and has lived with his family ever since.  Like Shay, he grew up being loved by his family and maybe because he was a vampire, he liked to experience life to the fullest but he would not take unnecessary risks like Shay did with her little adventure.  He was caring and he loved his family and would do anything to protect them.  Until he met Shay and decided to risk his family by protecting her instead.  The one thing, well actually two things that got me a little confused were the fact that 1) when Shay was tied up and put in the vault rather than being welcomed by open arms from his vampire family, he didn’t actually do much to save her.  All he did was think about saving her but no actions until her stepfather came and he suddenly decided to put his entire family at risk by saving her when he had a better chance of saving her before.  And 2) what did he even see in her?  Yes, she saved him from her stepfather but she’s so spoiled.  The romance between the two just seemed incredibly unlikely and unrealistic.

The writing style was okay I suppose.  Nothing too special – the one thing I did not particularly like was the journal entries that Shay wrote.  It was pointless and basically summarized the events earlier on.  The story plotline also had some holes in it.  How did Martin find out about vampires in the first place?  Why couldn’t anyone figure out what was wrong with Shay?  Granted, it was a “mysterious” illness but with all of those transfusions throughout her entire life, someone had to know something by now.

All in all, I still enjoyed the book – it was interesting to see a different perspective on vampires and halflings but there were plot holes and the characters were not particularly likable.




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