Monday, March 9, 2015

Abandon Trilogy by Meg Cabot

Abandon Trilogy by Meg Cabot
Published between 2011-2013

The Abandon trilogy by Meg Cabot is certainly a fun and quick series to read.  It was engaging and it was easy to get sucked in to the story.  I have always loved Greek mythology so reading a book by Meg Cabot about a modern retake of Persephone and Hades was something I was definitely interested in and I am glad to say that this series did not disappoint me.

I really liked Pierce Olivera (Persephone) as the main character. She was sweet and caring and loved the animals around her.  I honestly found her endearing.  Pierce wasn’t overly sweet nor was she cliché which made her seem more realistic to me.  She was also a little naïve and would sometimes do things that would put herself in danger to help someone else which frustrated to me at some points and certainly frustrated John.

John (Hades) was also someone I really liked – if only he was older.  He was protective – sometimes a little over-protective with his life-saving (though completely unwanted from Pierce) interventions through the flashbacks that were scattered throughout the novel.  He was also the definition of mysterious and sexy with that hot temper of his especially when someone was putting Pierce in danger.  The only thing that had me slightly off-put was the fact that John was in love with Pierce.  It was mentioned and it was certainly portrayed from his actions by how and why?  He met her once when she was a little girl, met her again after she had died and then ran off and ended up back on Earth rather than in Hell, then he somehow started showing up and saving her whenever she needed it, and now he was in love with her?  Again, some with Pierce – how and why did she come to love John?  Other than her tendency to love and fix wild things, I don’t see how this becomes the one true love.  To me, that was a little strange.  However, putting that aside, I did really enjoy the interactions between the two – they seemed realistic and absolutely adorable together.  Her with her caring nature and him with his sexy temper made them a great couple – I suppose opposites do attract.

The writing and style was a little different from Meg Cabot’s previous novels as it had a darker side to it but it still had that juvenile sense to it that is typically found in all of her books.  I loved how she incorporated Furies into this series and her explanation of what “persimmons” were.  Absolutely hilarious and completely believable.

All in all, I enjoyed the Abandon trilogy.  It was certainly not a book that was thought-provoking so it’ll be a great summer read or if you just simply want a quick time-killer.  It’s funny, somewhat realistic, and has tons of action especially in books two and three. Plus, the covers in all three books are stunning especially the third book.




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