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The Secret Lives of Dresses by Erin McKean

The Secret Lives of Dresses by Erin McKean
Published January 1, 2011
Summary on Goodreads
I’m pretty sure that this book has been on my TBR forever – basically when this book came out, I think.  But I have been unable to find this book anywhere until now.  This book was super cute and was a great summer read.

I thought the idea of dresses having secret lives was adorable and was intrigued by this concept.  And I was not disappointed.  While this book didn’t leave much in terms of suspense or whatnot since it was pretty clear from the beginning what was going to happen in terms of Dora’s life – school or personal or romantic.  However, the one thing I was constantly confused was who the fuck Gabby was.   At the end of the book, I’m still confused as to how Gabby was related to Dora.  It seemed that Gabby was older than Dora but is she an aunt or a close family friend or what?  It wasn’t very clear and if it was then I totally missed that part of the book.

Out of the two men in Dora’s life – Gary and Con – it was clear from the get-go who the winner was going to be.  One of them was incredibly immature and was constantly lost – he reminded me of a lost puppy who actually needed Dora in his life to help him run a business.  Without her, he was always emailing her to ask for simple things – things that as the manager and owner of the business, he should really know himself.  As for the other man, he was much more grown-up and way more mature.  He essentially had his own business as well but the difference between the two was worlds apart.  It was crazy, really.  So I was glad when Dora had her eyes opened and picked the right man at the end.

Dora, as a character, even though I didn’t dislike her but I didn’t particularly like her either.  I was mostly neutral to her because I don’t like characters who didn’t have a drive and for the most part, she didn’t know what she wanted.  She seemed perfectly content with wallowing in the shallows that was her life and didn’t seem to strive for anything more.  Even at the end when she found a sort of passion, it was a passion that was kind of grown upon her as she grew up.  It wasn’t something she had picked out herself.  So because of that, I thought of her as a mediocre main character.

What really stood out to me about this book was honestly all of the dresses’ secret lives.  The stories were witty, originally and interesting.  So I thoroughly enjoyed reading all of those – the story around it seemed to be more secondary.  I would recommend this book to those who want something different and is looking for a quick read.

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