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October Breezes Series by Maria Rachel Hooley

October Breezes Series by Maria Rachel Hooley
Published between 2009-2011
Summary on Goodreads
This series was one of those where I have extremely mixed feelings about.  Mainly because I found the books to be pretty much a pity party for Skye and extremely desperate from Devin yet at the same time, somewhat romantic because of the sheer amount of patience that Devin exuded.  If it wasn’t for that, I would have given up this book a long time ago.

The first thing that irked me about the book was Skye because she was so oblivious to everything around her and somehow guys would just fall at her feet.  She wasn’t even that remarkable or had any redeeming qualities yet right from the beginning, there were clearly three guys vying for her attention.  In my head, I was like, okay but other than being “beautiful” (which Skye didn’t even think she was), what was up with her?  Nothing.  There was pretty much nothing else going about her.  The only guy I think make sense in loving her was Devin because they grew up together but for the other two guys, I’m like both of you pretty much spoke 5 words to her and suddenly, you’re both into her like no other.  That sort of mentality is something I just don’t get.  The author didn’t make Skye out to be this wonderful person either because she was also incredibly awkward, not at all confident and overall just shy.  Not to mention, she had major trust issues and would actually push people away with her shitty attitude (i.e. Warren).  But again, somehow the guys were just into her.  And in the second book where she was still recovering from her past trauma (which totally makes sense) but there’s just so much push and pull going on with her and her inability to have any sort of self-confidence.  All I kept reading was “but I’m not good enough”.  And I honestly can’t stand characters like that. 

As for Devin, Skye’s best friend since forever, was someone who I felt verged on the line between desperate and romantic – I honestly still can’t decide which.  In a way, the whole situation in high school was his fault because he left her to deal with her own problems so I can see why he is trying to make up for it now.  However, at the same time, his inability to move on was a little annoying as well because literally he only thought about Skye and what she wanted.  And he couldn’t take no for answer.  There were so many times when Skye was like “no, I’m not good enough” or “no, I can’t deal with this” or whatever, he was like nope, you’re stuck with me.  I mean, it’s sweet to see how much he loves her but I feel like there comes a time when you need to realize that the best way to show your love is to give her up because it’s what she either wants or what’s best for her.  I don’t think he really understood that.  Thankfully, the ending was a happy one but it could’ve easily been a sad one so it was really a luck of the draw. 

Finishing these books took a lot of willpower because Skye was just so frustratingly annoying – I can’t stand weak characters with the whole plot as a pity party for said character.  I don’t mind weak characters as much if the plot itself was amazing but this wasn’t the case.  As stated, I only finished this series because I thought that Devin was somewhat romantic and that both books were quick reads.  Honestly I wouldn’t recommend these at all unless you are interested in wallowing through a plot full of grief-ridden people and weak characters.

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