Monday, December 5, 2016

Audiobook Tour: Shadows of Tomorrow by Jessica Meats


Author: Jessica Meats

Narrator: Jake Urry

Length: 10h 13m

Publisher:Pegasus Elliot Mackenzie Publishers Ltd⎮2016

Genre: Science Fiction

Release date: Oct. 03, 2016


Earth is at war. Portals are opening across the planet and bringing creatures known as Outsiders. Their only desire is to eat, leaving a trail of destruction in their path. All that stand in their way are the Defenders led by Gareth Walker who can open portals of their own to target the Outsiders in minutes. Gareth's one advantage is an ability to see glimpses of his future. For the past decade the Defenders have held back the incursion, but now a new portal opens, bringing something that Gareth did not see coming. As he must find a way to stop this new threat, he starts a quest for answers. He must learn how the war began and find a way to stop them once and for all. All the while, he is aware of a shadow in his future a moment he can't see past. Will stopping the Outsiders cost him everything?


Jessica Meats is a graduate of the University of York and works in the IT industry. She draws on her experiences as a technology specialist and martial arts student to create a unique and interesting fictional community of combat experts and computer geeks.

Jake Urry is a British actor and audiobook narrator, and also co-founder of Just Some Theatre. Since graduating from an Acting degree course in 2012 he’s toured with Just Some Theatre as an actor and producer, worked on a number of commercial voice over projects and most recently started producing Audiobooks. Jake has produced over 10 titles since March 2016 and has rapidly found himself at home narrating Thriller, Horror, Mystery and Suspense titles. His audiobook work includes dark psychological thrillers White is the Coldest Colour and Portraits of the Dead by John Nicholl, occult mystery series The Ulrich Files by Ambrose Ibsen, and gritty Sci-Fi novel Shadows of Tomorrow by Jessica Meats. 


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Friday, December 2, 2016

Fall GIVEAWAY - Week 8 Book Reveal

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Friday, November 25, 2016

Fall GIVEAWAY - Week 7 Book Reveal

If you haven't entered yet for my FALL GIVEAWAY, go now!

Or wait until you see the next available book that I will be including in the box.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Other Einstein by Marie Benedict

The Other Einstein by Marie Benedict
Published Oct 18, 2016
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The premise seemed extremely fascinating especially because I never even once thought of Albert Einstein having a wife which seems silly now that I think about it.  However, now that I go back and think about it, a lot of those famous people back in the day, I don’t think the general public really ever thought of them as a person who had any personal life other than what we know them as.  For example, Isaac Newton: I’m sure he had a wife but we know nothing about her.  In fact, when I googled him, there wasn’t even a mention about a wife.  Imagine all the people we missed out on who probably played an essential role in supporting or fostering these great figures in our past.  So when I saw the synopsis for The Other Einstein, I jumped at it.

The book definitely started off quite slow – in fact, for the first quarter of the book, I really contemplated about putting the book down because it was  I understand the author had to build the plot and the world for the readers but honestly, the pace was just ridiculously mind-numbingly slow.  However, just when I was 99% sure about putting the book down, it finally started to get interesting.  By this point, I was probably close to a third in.
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